YoCream_logo-4_01At FroYo Junction we have chosen to serve a Dannon Yogurt product called YOCREAM.  It is a premium yogurt which is delicious and nutritious.  Here are a few more reasons we have choose YOCREAM Frozen Yogurt:

  1. Premium YOCREAM Yogurt contains live active cultures of healthy bacteria – These are important because it has been found that live active cultures help to prevent infections, boost the immune system, and can help fight certain types of cancer and prevent osteoporosis.
  2. Premium YOCREAM Yogurt is significantly lower in fat, sodium and cholesterol making it a Heart Healthy option.
  3. The Yogurt we serve at FroYo Junction, YOCREAM, has NO high fructose corn syrup.

Our six Yogurt Machines allow us to carry twelve individual flavors, with six additional swirl flavors.  That is a total of 18 Yogur options.  We will always have two No Sugar Added Flavors and also two Non-Dairy Flavors. The team here at FroYo Junction wants to invite all of our customers to visit YOCREAM.COM: this is where you can find all of the details about our Premium Frozen Yogurt flavors.Birthday cupcake with a candle