Building your Dessert Treat

is easy as


1. Pick Your Cup Size – Everyday we have sixteen and twenty ounce cups available for creating your perfect dessert!

2. Add Your Yogurt Combos – Our six machines have the potential to deliver 18 flavors, to you, the customer.  With your imagination, the options are endless.  Don’t be limited to the flavors in one machine. Be adventurous – Combine a fruity flavor with something more classic.  Make sure to take our team members up on their offer to sample each of the flavors.

3. Top to Your Desire – With 18 dry toppings on our GIANT WALL of toppings, 24 refrigerated toppings, and ten syrup options your creative juices will most definitely be flowing.




4. The last step is to Weigh and Pay for your Treat! $0.51/Ounce – Our team members are super friendly, and very knowledgeable about the store and our products. Please ask any question that comes to mind.  We will do our best every step of the way.


You have complete control over the quantity in your cup, and we hope that you enjoy every last drop. 



Here are some delicious Sundae Creations!

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