Switching it Up!

25 May

    Tie-Dying Night with FroYo Junction Team


As you already know, our lime green visors and blue aprons have become a staple here at FroYo Junction!

In holding to the statement all good things must come to an end – Our dedicated/rock star team has decided that we should switch up our uniform to include home made Tie-Dyed T-shirts, and toss the apron!!!

We used the opportunity to hold another one of our ‘Team Nights’.  We burnt the midnight oil after closing up the shop a night in Early May, enjoyed some delicious pizza (because the way to a FroYo Team member’s heart is through their stomachs), and got to Tie-Dying!!

Here are some action shots!!

The end product will be ready for us at Screen Machine Sports at the end of June!  


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