Playground Park – 6th and Eisenhower

23 Oct

My husband and I live just around the corner from Playground Park.  We are there all of the time with our children!  There are always other families with lots of children running and playing, and it is definitely a great space to go and play in Junction City.

Playground Park Photo

A few weeks ago, we were at the park once again.  This time, however, there was a young adult concentrating on the ground and zig-zagging her way, back and forth, around all of the jungle gym equipment, and across the big open field of grass.

As a mom, I was naturally interested in the purpose of her visit and the task at hand.  After a few minutes, I worked up the courage to approach her; That’s when I met Brooke.

In short, Brooke is a 2015 Graduate of Junction City High School.  She had been bringing her younger sister to Playground Park over the summer, and she noticed a large number of cigarette butts spread across the ground.  Brooke’s sister, also, unfortunately, noticed the cigarette butts as well, and had started to ‘play’ with them on several different occasions.

Brooke immediately saw a need for some good old fashioned TLC – This particular day Brooke grabbed a glove and a ziploc bag, and proceeded to use her own time and motivation to begin a clean up of Playground Park.  In 3 days of this project, Brooke had picked up over 380 cigarette butts at Playground Park.

My message here has a few purposes.

  1. Let’s give Brooke the credit and admiration she deserves.  I was also a recent high school graduate, way back when…, and I don’t know if picking up cigarette butts at the local park is something I would have chosen to do to fill my time.  Brooke – All of the parents at Playground Park are forever indebted to your kind will and good heart.  Thank you!
  2. To the members of the Junction City community who are leaving these cigarette butts behind.  Take Brooke’s little sister to mind, think about my little girls, and all of the children who are also spending time at Playground Park.  Please place your trash in the proper receptacles.
  3. Lastly, to the City of Junction City, we have a small plea, and two suggestions.  I love that Brooke took this initiative, but would rather if this were part of the weekly maintenance regimen (just the same as the lawn care) at Playground Park.  Would it be possible to have the cigarette butts picked up by a member of the Parks and Recreation Grounds Maintenance Team, and also to have more ash trays/trash cans available at the park to be used as options instead of the trash ending up on the ground.

Please help this post reach lots of Junction City community members.  Playground Park is there for the use of the children.  Let’s work together to keep it sparkling!

IMG_1219 - webThis is a photo of the cigarette butts Brooke picked up that Monday afternoon. 


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