How we designed the Logo

28 Feb

FroYo_Logo_250pxThere are a lot of qualities and skills which Kendall and I will both be able to contribute to FroYo Junction. We are both passionate, hard working, energetic, motivated and I’d like to think that we are pretty smart people. However, part of success is knowing your weaknesses and when to seek advice. The one thing we decided to ask for some help on was the design of the FroYo Junction Logo you see posted on our website, facebook page, and on all of the fun and exciting items in the shop! Kendall, through his last start-up venture, did hours upon hours of research on topics such as graphic design and web design. When it came time to put together our FroYo Junction Logo, Kendall knew just where to look. A website called is a great resource where, as an entrepreneur, you can create an account, and post information about your brainstorms, and exactly what you think you are looking for in your specific project. Thousands of graphic designers have the ability to review your information and requests, and upload their unique and professional designs. Seven days after we posted our ideas for FroYo Junction we had hundreds of designs to choose from. We were even able to communicate with the designer to make final adjustments to the logo. You can see our competition and some of the entries here!

Thanks to all of the designs and graphics that we had to choose from – we are very proud of the final product!

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