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St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

08 Mar

We will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 15th from 1pm to 9pm at the FroYo Junction location on 6th Street in Junction City. We will have festive GREEN yogurt and toppings, raffles for a FREE party, in our special events space, and for FREE gift cards, and last, but certainly not least, in […]

Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening

06 Mar

Having just attended the Junction City Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner last evening, Kendall and I are reminded of our incredibly successful Ribbon Cutting Event that took place over a year ago. We want to thank the community members who welcomed us to the Junction City Chamber of Commerce and Geary County Convention & Visitors […]

How we designed the Logo

28 Feb

There are a lot of qualities and skills which Kendall and I will both be able to contribute to FroYo Junction. We are both passionate, hard working, energetic, motivated and I’d like to think that we are pretty smart people. However, part of success is knowing your weaknesses and when to seek advice. The one […]