About Us

Kendall Schoenrock – (http://kendallschoenrock.com/) Kendall is native to Junction City.  He grew up just down the street from where FroYo Junction is located.  He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Villanova University.  He spent the last 10 years in and around Philadelphia building technology companies.  The first company collaborated with post graduation was TurnTide Inc.: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TurnTide).  And the most recent was a group of companies focused on the ‘print on demand’ business model starting with LTLprints.com and growing to include a number of other print-on-demand websites.  In the summer of 2012, LTLprints.com was acquired by ScanDigital.com.

Meghan Schoenrock – Meghan grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  She attended Moravian College for her undergraduate degree, and Thomas Jefferson University for her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.  In the past seven years since graduating, Meghan has had the opportunity to work in several out-patient orthopedic clinics.  Serving as director for one year before – an extremely interesting chain of events which as led her and Kendall back to the Junction City, KS area!

  •  How we Met: The start of 2005 was just like any other.  They were both in school at the time, and living their own lives – Kendall in the Philadelphia Suburbs and Meghan in Center City Philadelphia.  They were connected by one common factor.  This particular match maker will remain anonymous in this story, but I believe she turned to Meghan in class one particular day and said…”You should meet this guy.”   This mutual friend attended Villanova with Kendall and was one of Meghan’s best friends throughout her years in Physical Therapy School.  A simple introduction and the rest is HISTORY!